Caveat: Read before using the Picprojects Battery Charger Sharing Project

I use this project with an OptiMate™ 4 Charger. In the operating instructions for the OptiMate™ 4 it states:


Disconnect the OptiMate™  first from the AC mains supply then from the battery.  Always disconnect from the AC mains before reconnecting to the same or another battery.

I have never done this, even before I used the charge sharer I would swap the connection between batteries without turning the AC mains supply off.  I just ensure it's disconnected for 30 seconds before connecting to another battery.  I've never had any issues doing this in 2 years and three bikes.

However, you should understand that the way the Picprojects charge sharing control board works it does not comply with the operating requirements stated by the manufacturer of the OptiMate™ charger. 

If you choose to use this project I will not be held responsible for any damage that may occur to your charger or motorbike(s) regardless of the make or model of battery charger you use it with.

Before using this controller, all the batteries should be in good condition and charge state, if necessary charge then directly from the charger.

The controller has only been tested using an OptiMate™ 4 'smart' charger in standard mode (not CAN-bus).  It should work with other chargers, however, I can't advise on this.

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