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Please take a minute to read through this page to see if your query is already answered or isn't something I will help with before contacting me.

Firstly I don't want to discourage anyone from contacting me with a specific project related query.  However the site now attracts a lot of queries and many of them are really generic which would be better asked on a forum site, two good forums are:  All About Circuits, and Microchips own.   Most questions have already been asked before so a few minutes searching on Google can often get you the answer

The Picprojects site is aimed at hobbyist and enthusiast with some knowledge of electronics and/or microcontrollers.  

If you want to modify a  project to incorporate into some idea of your own please don't ask me if the  project will do what you want.  I can't know the skills you have, your experience or the technical details of what you are trying to do.  You need to study the extensive information on the project page and decide for yourself if it meets your needs.  If you need help with your decision, please ask for advice on a forum site like  All About Circuits

Answers to some common questions that I have been asked before:

  • Why is it all free?
    read this: About Picprojects

  • I'm a student, will you help me with my course / project?
    No. Join a forum website and ask for help there. The site below is very good.
    All About Circuits

  • Got a problem with a kit you bought from the Picprojects eShop?
    Get in touch, I'll help resolve any problems with kits bought from me.  See contact email address at the bottom of this page.

  • Is your query actually some general question about electronics or PIC microcontrollers?
    If so try using a search engine or support forum and ask the question there.
    | Microchip Forum | Google | Datasheet Archive |

  • I've got a question about one of your projects.
    Many of the questions I receive have been asked before and the project pages have already been updated to include the additional information.  Therefore please take time to read the project page all the way through first to double check the answer isn't already there. 

  • How do I create a HEX file?
    Please read this first


  • What causes this error in MPLAB?
    Please read this first

  • I need a circuit to do something specific.  Which one of your projects will do it?
    The best person to answer that is you since you know what you want.  All the technical details are on the project page, if you need help interpreting that please post to a forum site such as:
    Microchip Forum

  • I need to do something, have you got some code that will do it?
    I don't have a large library of code or fully developed but unpublished projects.  If you don't see it on the Picprojects website I haven't got it.

  • I'm trying to develop my own project / modify your code will you help?

  • Will you develop a project for me / Can you write some code for me?
    Sorry no.  I don't customise code or write bespoke code. 
    If you want help I'd recommend you ask on a forum site.  The site linked below has some very knowledgeable people
    frequenting the forum and are willing to offer help and advise.
    Microchip Forum

  • I'm prepared to pay you to write code or design hardware.
    Thanks but no thanks.  When someone pays you to do what they want it's no longer a hobby it's employment and that takes the enjoyment out of it for me.

    If you're prepared to pay there are businesses out there that will develop a project for your so I'd advise you to find one and contact them.

  • Will you modify a project already on the website?
    Sorry no. Writing and developing the projects and software takes a lot of time. What may seem like a simple modification or improvement is often very complex to actually implement. Therefore I do not undertake custom modifications to projects as I do not have the time.

  • Got this far and still think you need to contact me?
    Okay, email me at

    Don't forget to include a valid email address so I can reply to it. I will normally reply within 48 hours so if you haven't had a reply please check your spam filter.